Confetti Here, Champagne There, Love Everywhere

Signage telling where your guests to go or important information that they need to know sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of the 'to-do' list, but it's a pretty important element to helping the day run smoothly.

As a wedding planner and coordinator, my #1 job is to make sure the couple is happy and worry-free. My #2 job is to make sure that their guests have a GREAT time, and little details like signs pointing to the bathrooms or where to sit during the ceremony make my job so much easier.

The best part is that I think this is one of the elements of the wedding that you can actually do yourself without much effort and it ends up looking great.

Some plywood, black paint, and nails, and you've got a really cute way to tell your guests where each part of the day takes place!

Of course, there are many professionals out there that can do custom designs or even have standard signage that you can rent and return. I recently worked with a company called In the Moment that did a beautiful job (see Meghan and Cheri's wedding in the gallery for more examples):

Signs can be used for:

  • welcoming guests 
  • directing guests to the venue and to various events during the day (ceremony, cocktails, dinner
  • timeline for the day
  • drawing attention to wedding favors, guestbook, or escort cards
  • seating plans for the dinner
  • various activities for the guests, i.e. a photobooth, sharing Instagram photos, games
  • dinner/dessert menu if it's a buffet or anything in a dish that needs explaining
  • listing ceremony participants and timeline

Even though Pinterest can be an overwhelming place at times, I highly encourage typing 'wedding signage' in to get an idea of the various options out there. You may even find some cute wording that you may not have thought of!