Ariana and Jonah - UC Botanical Garden and Berkeley City Club

August 2016. Photos - Nicole Blumberg Photography / Flowers - Dinner Bell Farms/ Dress: BHLDN

Ariana and Jonah came from two different cultures: she is Indonesian, he is Jewish. It was important to them that they find ways to incorporate elements of each into the ceremony and the wedding day in general. The ways that they found to celebrate this union ranged from expected (breaking of the glass, getting married under a chuppah, doing readings in Indonesian) to extremely special and unique to them (covering the chuppah in an Indonesian batik cloth and having gorgeous Indonesian puppets on each of the tables as part of the centerpieces). Celebrating nature and being eco-friendly was also very important to them, so the decoration in the Redwood Grove was extremely minimal - who needs flowers when you're surrounded by all those redwoods?! Molly from Dinner Bell Farms, a sustainable flower farm located near Tahoe, created stunning bouquets with lots of interesting textures, while the bridal headpiece and chuppah were lush with with jasmine. The table centerpieces were succulent gardens that Molly had grown in a wide range of planters that could be taken home by guests after the wedding. It was by far the most eco-friendly and beautiful use of centerpieces I've seen to date!