Jenny and Zak - California Memorial Stadium, Berkeley

August, 2019.

Photographer: Green Vintage Photography / Florist: The Flower House / DJ: Heart of Gold DJs

Amy Sedan Favorites-0011.jpg

Blue and gold - not just the team colors of the Cal Bears, but also the color palette for Jenny and Zak’s wedding. Choosing to center your wedding around a sports arena has the potential to either be too casual or way too cheesy if you focus on things like floral centerpieces in football-shaped vases. Instead with this incredibly kind and thoughtful couple, the entire day was classy with just the right amount of fun, and of course, 100% a representation of them.

One of the things that Jenny and Zak love to do as a couple is visit stadiums around the country during their travel. They decided to incorporate this tradition into their wedding by naming all of the tables after different arenas they’ve visited and creating a seating chart that featured pictures of the two of them at each of those places; it was such a sweet way to include their guests in their tradition and make the day that much more unique to them.

Flipping through the pictures below, you can see just how genuinely happy they were to be surrounded by friends and family and how much fun they were able to have during a day that can sometimes be stressful - Zak and his guys piled onto a golf cart and drove around the plaza, then got to watch a little bit of the pre-season football practice on the field! The club level of the stadium where the ceremony and reception were held was able to to hold a large group of people (their guest count was 130), had a GORGEOUS view of downtown Berkeley and the UC campus on one side (see the sunset shot that photographer Leslie captured), and looked out over the football field on the other side. It was a venue that felt surprisingly exclusive and intimate, seeing as it is situated in middle of a bustling college campus.