Mia and Richard - Outdoor Art Club, Mill Valley, CA

May, 2018.

Ceremony Venue: Old St. Hilary, Tiburon, CA / Reception Venue: Outdoor Art Club, Mill Valley, CA

Photos: Sebastien Bicard Photography / Cake: Tartine Bakery


The 2018 season started with a stunner of a wedding for Mia and Richard. The weather in the Bay Area in May can be finicky, but their wedding weekend had blue skies and gorgeous views for miles from the front steps of Old St. Hilary, the ceremony venue, in Tiburon. Mia and Richard are both quietly classy and that’s exactly the tone that their wedding took on; it was intimate, with each detail perfectly thought out and executed. Some of my favorite moments from the day were captured beautifully by their photographer, Sebastien Bicard: the ‘first look’ of Richard singing a song to Mia, how the austere simplicity of a chapel and field of tall grass can transform to a blog-worthy backdrop for couple portraits, and the homey warmth that was felt at both the ceremony and reception, thanks to dark-paneled walls and an intimate setting. Sebastien’s photography takes my breath away and his style is one that isn’t seen very often in wedding portraiture - shadows and darkness are enhanced, which in turn actually call attention to the gorgeous details of Mia’s dress and earrings, for example. These pictures are a dream come true both for a couple looking for portraits that last a lifetime and for a planner that wants to showcase how a venue can turn from just an empty space to all of the dreams and visions of a perfect wedding brought to life.