Gerard, the Paella Man

Any couple that tells me that good food is an important part of their wedding day instantly become my new best friends. So it was with a couple who decided that since they were having a fairly fancy dinner the night of their wedding, they really wanted something casual, yet still slightly classy for the rehearsal dinner.

Enter Gerard, the man who makes THE BEST paella I have ever had.

Simplicity is his style all the way: his company name is Gerard's Paella (easy enough to remember) and he has six different types of paella to choose from, each of which come with a couple of appetizers, salad, and bread, all served family style. Not only is the food simply amazing visually, it has so many layers of flavor! It can even be entertainment for the group that you've gathered.; Gerard himself shows up to prepare and cook the food from start to finish and is more than happy to share what he's doing each step of the way. You see each ingredient that he uses and can literally watch him make it. It's like standing in the kitchen of a swanky restaurant, chatting with the chef!

You wouldn't know from talking to him that the man has cooked for 600 (!!!) people at a Google party, was featured in Sunset magazine, and even 'threw down' with Bobby Flay. And yet the prices are incredibly reasonable for all of that hype.

I wish I had gotten a non-fuzzy picture of this incredible feast, but alas, I did not. Below are a couple I found of him cooking at other venues. If you want more, you'll just have to go on his website and drool over those pictures: