Can Brides Wear Pantsuits?

I have a Pinterest board of all my wedding inspirations and post on there fairly frequently. But the one picture that has been BLOWING UP recently is a silk white jumpsuit. No, no, wait! Come back! I promise it actually looks amazing. See for yourself:


Now, maybe so many people love that one pin because the picture is linked to BuzzFeed's '23 Super Cute Lesbian Wedding Ideas,' but maybe it's because the suit is stylish, a perfect mixture of masculine and feminine, and luxurious.

The next wedding that I'm coordinating will be my first lesbian wedding and I'm so excited! Their song is 'Ribbon in the Sky' and so we've chosen to (tastefully) incorporate ribbons into a lot of their day. The flower girls will have ribbon wands instead of petals, the reception barn will be decorated with ribbons streaming from the center of the ceiling, and the dinner tables will have ribbons decorating the tabletop, instead of large centerpieces. What a great way to add color, without spending lots of money on flowers!